Advanced CPR for Health Workers

This course is designed for healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff

This course is a 4-hour advanced resuscitation programme that is ideal for healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff. The course covers basic principles of managing cardiac arrest  (previously known as CPR level 4/5) and is equivalent to the CORE Immediate course.


The aim of this 4-hour non-assessed course is to refresh learners’ skills, knowledge and confidence when providing advanced resuscitation in emergencies. The course emphasises practical skills in an interactive learning environment.

This course meets the NZ Resuscitation Council qualifying requirements for Basic Life Support.

Recommended for

This course is equivalent to the CORE Immediate programme and recommended for health professionals, including nurses, dental specialists, radiographers, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other non-clinical staff (previously known as CPR level 4/5).

What this course covers

The course contains theory and practical scenarios covering the following topics:

  • Collapse management
  • Adult, Child & Infant resuscitation
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Foreign body airway obstruction
  • Use of oxygen in cardiac arrest
  • Basic airway adjuncts
  • One- and two-person bag valve mask ventilation
  • Drugs in cardiac arrest

Prerequisites and Requirements

Before attending the training, the learners will be expected to acquire the necessary theory by completing Self-directed learning. Self-directed online learning must be completed a minimum of one week before attending the course.

The course is suited to those who know and understand Basic Life Support and are trained in a healthcare-related profession.

Learners must be physically capable of kneeling on the floor to do CPR.

Important note: this course does not replace the Workplace first aid compliant training nor the required biannual First aid recertification.


The price includes a First Aid Manual book: $250 incl. GST per person

Group booking: $1200+GST for up to 12 people

If you wish for us to provide a quote, please email: info@firstaidcompany.nz or call: 0800 12 13 20 and one of our specialists will be in touch.

Additional resources

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