Privacy Policy

May 2020

The Internet offers the chance to collect information about users. This information can be personally identifiable information or aggregated information. However, your privacy is important to us and we want to be sure that you understand the terms and conditions relating to the way in which we collect information and the use of that information.

This policy explains how we collect, use, share and protect the information we collect about you.

For more information about your rights under the Privacy Act 1993 you should consult your lawyer or visit the website of the Privacy Commissioner www.privacy.org.nz.

The information we collect

First Aid Training Company Ltd (“we”, “us”, “our”) may gather certain types of information about the users accessing and interacting with our site, services and social media properties including without limitation Facebook pages managed by us:

  • Personally Identifiable Information. This is provided by you when you register for or use services that we may offer. Examples of these services could include email newsletters and training courses. Providing this information will always be optional for you. However, some courses and services may not be available to you if you choose not to provide it.
  • Aggregated Data. This information is generated by our systems as they track traffic through our sites and systems. This information does not identify you personally and is not linked to the personally identifiable information that you may have provided.

When you visit our website or use our services, we collect and store the following information [examples]:

  • the IP address of the machine you use to access our website, and the domain name you use to access the internet;
  • your operating system, the type of internet browser you use, and any search engine used;
  • details about the way you browse;
  • any online transactions made;
  • the time and date of your visit;
  • the website pages (URLs) that you visit;
  • Facebook Messenger account used by you to access our services;
  • the domain name of the website you visit when you leave our website.

Who we share this information with

We do not sell information which identifies you personally.  We will not share the information that we collect with any third parties apart from in the following circumstances:

  • The aggregated data (not the personally identifiable information) may be shared with third parties such as advertisers or business partners.
  • Your personally identifiable information may be shared with third parties (a) when we believe in good faith that we are required to do so by law or (b) when you interact with our services developed and maintained by us for these third parties
  • Only if your prior permission has been obtained (which we would usually do at the time of collection), we may share the information with specified third parties.

What else we do with personally identifiable information

We have collected this information in order to provide the best possible service to you while you are visiting our sites or using our solutions and services. To this end we may use the information that you provide for the following purposes:

  • To verify your identity if you need help with a forgotten password or you are having login problems with one of our services.
  • To process any transactions that you might make on our system.
  • To help provide any other services that you have requested.
  • To offer the most relevant information suitable to you and your interests.
  • For any marketing, promotional, publicity, marketing or market research that we might undertake.
  • For any other purposes for which you have given permission.

Where you choose to provide us with personal information such as your contact details by, for example, filling in an order form, that information may be used to communicate with you about other services we provide you with or which we think you might be interested in. This includes, but is not limited to, email marketing.

What about cookies?

A cookie is a small file that resides on your device and is recognised by our server when you using our services. A cookie does not provide us with any personally identifiable information. It does usually provide details of your IP address, the platform that you use (e.g. Mac or Windows), the browser that you use (e.g. Microsoft Edge or Chrome) and what domain you are accessing our services from. With this information we can do the following:

  • Track traffic patterns to our site and system.
  • Ensure that the most relevant content is being shown.
  • Allow you to enter certain services without having to log in each time you visit.

For the best experience using our website, we recommend that you enable cookies when accessing our website. This will help you to enjoy all the features of our website.   If you would rather decide not to use cookies, you can refuse them by turning them off in your browser and/or deleting them from your hard drive. You will still be able to use our services.

What about our advertisers and business partners?

This Privacy Policy only relates to First Aid Training Company Ltd. You should be aware that we are not responsible for the practices of our customers, advertisers or business partners. Our site or services may contain links to other sites and services. You should check their privacy policies before providing personally identifiable information to them or any other third party.

Opting in and opting out

You will always have the option to opt into certain services and to opt out of those services at any stage. This means you may change your mind at any stage about participating in any of our member services. If you do not wish to receive email marketing you can unsubscribe by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails. If you do not wish to receive subscription-based messages delivered via our or partner chatbots, you can unsubscribe by using the ‘unsubscribe’ feature offered in every subscription-based message from these chatbots.

How we protect your information

We will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, loss or other misuses.

While we will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information, personal information provided by you via the internet is done so at your own risk.

Your rights to your information

You have the right to ask for access to any of your personal information that we hold. If the information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete, then you can ask us to correct it. We may require you to provide proof of identity before you can correct the information held by us about you.

If you want to update the personal information we hold about you, such as your contact details, you can email us.

Can we change this policy?

We may change this privacy policy at any time by changing, removing or adding terms to it. Changes may mean issuing an entirely new privacy policy. Any changes will be notified by updating the policy which is available on our website. Any changes will be effective from the date it is published on our website.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us.

The First Aid Training Company: Primary First Aid (CPR)

Primary First Aid (CPR)

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This course is a great entry-level programme focusing on learning high-quality Resuscitation (CPR) skills and managing a collapsed person. Perfect first aid course for community groups, clubs, or churches.

Advanced First Aid CORE CPR Level 4 courses

Advanced CPR for Health Workers

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This 4-hour advanced resuscitation (ACLS) course is ideal for healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff. The course covers basic principles of managing cardiac arrest (previously known as CPR level 4/5) and is equivalent to the CORE Immediate Adult course.

CPR and First Aid for Vaccinators

CPR & First Aid for Vaccinators

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This 3-hour resuscitation course is specifically designed for authorised vaccinators and pharmacist vaccinators and will cover all required topics and the necessary skills to manage a life-threatening emergency.

The First Aid Training Company: Everyday first aid

Everyday First Aid

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This course is great for anyone who needs fundamental First Aid knowledge and skills and those who do not require Workplace compliant first aid training. Perfect first aid course for community groups, clubs, or churches.

The First Aid Training Company: School Staff First Aid for teachers

School Staff First Aid

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This course specifically applies to teachers, school support staff and carers and focuses on providing emergency first aid to children under the age of 14 within the school environment or care setting. It is a great team bonding exercise or a teachers-only day activity.

Renewal First Aid 6-hour course is to refresh first aid skills

Renewal First Aid

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First aid certificates must be renewed every two years. This first aid refresher (revalidation) course brings your knowledge and first aid skills back up to speed.  Your first aid certificate must be current or within 3 months of its expiry date to be eligible for renewal.

Work safe class for workplace first aid

Work Safe First Aid

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This course is an 8-hour essential first aid ‘core programme’ for workplace first aid. Work Safe, or first aid level 1 (equivalent to unit standards 6402 and 6401), is perfect for low and medium-risk workplaces and will prepare your team to respond to the most common emergencies.

The First Aid Training Company: Workplace Extensive First Aid course

Extended First Aid

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This course is a 12-hours comprehensive first aid programme, also known as first aid level 2.  Extended first aid is ideal for moderate to high-risk workplaces and will cover all relevant topics and equip your team with required first aid skills.

In-house Workplace First Aid courses

Private First Aid

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If you require group training, we can arrange a suitable in-house course at your workplace or another preferred location for your convenience. We also offer the most competitive rates in the industry when comparing courses with other accredited training providers.

Not sure which course is right for you?

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