HeartON A15 AED

Cost effective AED packed full of fantastic features.

Minutes make the difference
between life and death

Thousands of people die from sudden cardiac arrest each year. Most of them die because they don’t receive defibrillation in time.

49% of casualties survive when a community AED was used. With the HeartON AED, you can significantly increase cardiac arrest survival rates by providing early defibrillation.

With each purchased unit, you will get access to online education and maybe be eligible for FREE on-site AED & CPR training courses.

The Mediana A15 HeartON AED is packed full of fantastic features at only $1999+GST


Why HeartON A15

It can be used by a person with minimal training as its clear audible instructions and LED indicators and visual icons correspond with them, providing easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance.

Automatically switches on when the protective cover is opened and immediately starts audio voice prompts instructing the user to call for help and place the pads on the patient's bare chest.

Easily switch from adult to paediatric mode without changing the pads.

Outstanding 5 years stand-by battery life with 4.2Ah/15V capacity (minimum 200 shocks or 10hr monitoring).

Performs daily, weekly and monthly self-tests.

Time is critical - with access to early defibrillation, you can quadruple a casualty's chance of survival.


Replacement pads
$144,90 incl GST
Battery Pack
$377,20 incl GST
AED Wall Bracket
$99,00 incl GST
$46,00 incl GST

Be ready to save lives

The chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest drop by approximately 10 per cent for every minute defibrillation is delayed.

So, don't delay – get the HeartON AED and be prepared to act in those first few critical minutes, buying time until emergency services arrive.

The HeartON Mediana A15 AED is an all-in-one Adult & Child defibrillator ideal for workplace and community use.

Easy to use. Reliable. Save Lives.

You can't go wrong with this amazing AED at $1999+GST