CellAED® your personal AED

The world's first handheld, smart, personal defibrillator

Minutes make the difference
between life and death

Thousands of people die from sudden cardiac arrest each year. It kills quickly. Too many of them die because they don’t receive defibrillation in time.

Mostly because AEDs (automated external defibrillators) were too expensive for families to own and for businesses and communities to make defibrillation available everywhere it’s needed.

With CellAED®, we are bringing the game-changing defibrillator for Kiwis to where it’s needed most – in the home and at work.

Life-saving technology in the palm of your hand at $520+GST

be prepared
with CellAED® in your home or work
Time is everything

be prepared

How it works

It’s as easy as SNAP PEEL STICK®. Designed to be applied in seconds, CellAED® can be used by a person with minimal training.

CellAED® is activated by snapping the device in half, which immediately starts audio voice prompts instructing the user to call for help and place the pads on the patient’s bare chest.

CellAED® then immediately analyses the patient’s heart rhythm. Voice prompts will instruct the user on what to do, every step of the way. CellAED® will only deliver a shock if a heart rhythm associated with sudden cardiac arrest is detected.

Time is everything - with access to rapid defibrillation, we can save lives.


Home kit
$80,00 incl GST
AED Cabinet
$175,00 incl GST
Workplace kit
$195,00 incl GST
Prep Kit
$38,00 incl GST

We’re here to save lives

CellAED® is the world's first handheld, smart, personal defibrillator.

The chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest drop by 10 per cent for every minute defibrillation is delayed.

With CellAED®, you can be prepared to act in those first few critical minutes, buying time until emergency services arrive.

Life-saving technology in the palm of your hand at $520+GST
*Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks from order