BeneHeart C2 AED

Advanced, reliable, powerful and user-friendly defibrillator

Mindray BeneHeart C2
Smarter & Faster AED

Every second counts in a sudden cardiac arrest.

The Mindray BeneHeart C2 Defibrillator is one of today's fastest and most advanced AEDs.

With intuitive design and interactive rescue guidance, this AED tells and shows you what to do step by step.

It's designed to help rescuers act quickly and effectively in an emergency, even without prior CPR and AED training.

This fantastic AED starting from only $2900+GST

Smart & Fast


Why BeneHeart C2

Faster Time to Shock: It's designed to start quickly in emergencies. Advanced QShock technology delivers the first shock in under 8 seconds, maximising the life-saving chance.

Powerful Shocks: This AED uses sophisticated biphasic technology to deliver a powerful yet safe shock, even for difficult-to-defibrillate patients.

Built Tough: You can rely on the BeneHeart C2 in any situation. It's water and dust-resistant and can withstand drops, making it ideal for any environment.

Long-lasting Battery & Pads: The battery and pads last up to 5 years, providing you with the peace of mind that your AED is always ready when needed.

Easy to Use: The large, clear screen and step-by-step animated visual guides make the BeneHeart C2 a breeze to use, even for those without prior CPR or AED training.

Trusted Quality. Local Support: Mindray is a world leader in medical solutions and your local partner. With local stock and a dedicated support team, we're always here to assist you.


Replacement pads
$189 incl GST
Battery Pack
$454 incl GST
Wall Cabinet
$225 incl GST
Wall Bracket
$75 incl GST

Empower yourself
to save a life

The Mindray BeneHeart C2 AED is a leading choice because it delivers a faster first shock, powerful life-saving technology, and easy-to-use guidance.

Don't just be prepared; be a hero!

Join the global community of thousands of organisations that trust BeneHeart C2 to take action in emergencies and save lives or check another fantastic device CellAED

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