Occupational Health Solutions

Protecting workplace health and wellness of your people

Workplace Vaccinations

Vaccinations against COVID, Influenza (Flu), Hepatitis, and Tetanus protect your business as these illnesses may affect many employees for a period of time and be contagious in the workplace – causing business interruption through sickness absence.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing helps employers ensure all employees behave safely and that any incident of unsafe behaviour is thoroughly investigated. It can be carried out on-site or at ours – whatever best suits the client.

Occupational Health Monitoring

Employee health monitoring, which may include hearing, lung, and vision tests helps businesses determine if the health of their employees is being impacted by exposure to hazards while detecting unspoken signs of ill-health.

Pre-Employment Health Checks

Getting a suitable person for the job is what employers want. The pre-employment check provides information to the prospective employer on their suitability for the job and valuable baseline data for future comparison.

Protect health AND WELLBEING of your people

Employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Let's work together to protect and promote their health and welfare

We offer high-quality professional health and welfare solutions that can be delivered on-site, at your workplace, or at our clinic.

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