Extended First Aid

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This course is a comprehensive First Aid program. Extended first aid is ideal for moderate to high-risk workplaces and will cover all relevant topics and equip your team with required first aid skills.

This course is a comprehensive first aid programme.  Extended first aid is ideal for moderate to high-risk workplaces and will cover all relevant topics and equip your team with required first aid skills.


The aim of this 12-hour course is to give learners skills, knowledge and confidence when providing first aid in emergency situations. The course emphasises practical skills in a fun and interactive learning environment.


This course is recommended for all workplaces, including industry, construction, sports clubs, schools and education centres. It is suited to those new to first aid or for renewing your certificate if it was issued more than 2 years ago.


The course contains theory and practical scenarios covering the following topics:

  • Scene assessment & management
  • Primary assessment
  • Adult, child & infant CPR
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Choking
  • Bleeding and shock
  • Muscular-skeletal injuries
  • Medical emergencies
  • Anaphylaxis and Epi-Pen use
  • Burns & poisons
  • Spinal and head injuries
  • Environmental conditions
  • Complex trauma


The course is taught in English, and a reasonable understanding of English will be required. If you are concerned about your English, you may contact us to discuss the option of having your interpreter attend the course with you.

Learners must be physically capable of kneeling on the floor to do CPR.


You may choose one of these ways to complete your training which can reduce your time in the classroom and give you more flexibility.

  • Classroom – Complete all training in the classroom (12 hours of training and assessment)
  • Blended – Complete your pre-course learning online, reducing your classroom session by 6 hours (6 hours of training and assessment in the classroom)


The price includes a First Aid Manual book and CPR valve keyring: $179 incl. GST per person

Group booking: $1400+GST for up to 16 people

Click here to learn more about private booking for your group or organisation.


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Advanced Resuscitation, ACLS CORE CPR Level 4-5 course

Advanced Resuscitation (ACLS)

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This 4-hour advanced resuscitation (ACLS) course is ideal for healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff. The course covers basic principles of managing cardiac arrest and is CORE Immediate Adult equivalent (previously known as level 4 resuscitation course or CPR level 4/5).

Vaccinator CPR courses

Vaccinator CPR

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The Vaccinator CPR course is designed explicitly for authorised and pharmacist vaccinators and will cover all required topics and the necessary skills to manage a life-threatening emergency.

Everyday first aid - basic first aid course

Everyday First Aid

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This basic course is great for anyone needing fundamental First Aid knowledge and skills and those not requiring Workplace compliant first aid training. Perfect first aid course for community groups, clubs, or churches.

School First Aid for teachers and support workers

School First Aid

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The School First Aid course specifically applies to teachers, school support staff, and caregivers. It focuses on providing emergency first aid to children under the age of 14 within the school environment or care setting. It is a great team bonding exercise or a teachers-only day activity.

First Aid Refresher 6-hour course is to refresh first aid skills

First Aid Refresher

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First aid certificates must be renewed every two years. This first aid refresher (revalidation) course brings your knowledge and first aid skills back up to speed. Your first aid certificate must be current or within 3 months of its expiry date to be eligible for renewal.

Work safe class for workplace first aid

Work Safe First Aid

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This course is an 8-hour essential first aid ‘core programme’ for workplace first aid. Work Safe, or first aid level 1, is perfect for most low and medium-risk workplaces and will prepare your team to respond to common emergencies.

Comprehensive first aid course

Extended First Aid

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This course is a 12-hour comprehensive first aid programme, also known as First Aid Level 2.  Extended first aid is ideal for moderate to high-risk workplaces and will cover all relevant topics and equip your team with required first aid skills.

In-house Group First Aid and Private First Aid courses

Private First Aid

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If you need private first aid training, we can set up a suitable in-house group first aid course at your workplace or another convenient location. We also offer the most competitive rates in the industry when comparing courses with other accredited training providers.

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